Through a series of unexplained events, you wake up one morning to find yourself experiencing the world through the eyes of a young girl named Isabella, who is 10-years old, no, no, 14, living in the town of Elora.

After shaking off the confusion, you get out bed, get dressed from head to toe in yellow and head downstairs.  There is a note on the table, addressed to you:

“Isabella, don’t forget you need to do the groceries today.  Here is some money for you.  -Mom.”

Not one to question the power of a note from Mom, you put on your yellow coat, strap on your yellow shoes, and grab your yellow backpack before heading out the door.    You look over the list on your way, which is made up of mostly ice cream, popcorn, and treats, but that’s okay because that’s what people need to survive.

On your walk, which takes you deep into the woods, you stumble upon a mysterious door that was ceratainly not there before.   It’s enticing design draws you closer, but you know that you have important errands to run.

What should you do?

To ignore the door and stay focussed on the groceries, click here

To open the door and step through the unknown, click here

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