You walk through the door and find yourself immersed in a magical world filled with fairies, lovercorns, bunnies with peppermint eyes and fuzzy peach fur who deliver eggs, and panda bears that eat only four cucumbers a day.¬† A sign nearby lets you know that you’re in a place called The Valley of Nappa (which sounds like a somewhat familiar location that you may have heard of before, but it’s not; this is an entirely different place, trust me).

Being the lovely girl that you are, you instantly make friends, but as you continue to explore this new world, you come across a giant evil fairy that can eat you…if she wants to.

In a panic and act of desperation, you reach into your backpack for some form of defense and protection against this immense and sudden threat.

Although you don’t remember packing them, you pull out a bow and arrow, and a little plastic card with the words: Bookstore Gift Certificate written on it.

Which item should you use for protection?

To choose the Bow and Arrow, click here

To choose the Gift Certificate, click here

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