You pull forth the bow and a quiver of arrows from your bag, ready your stance and prepare to load and take aim.  Before you have a chance to even pull back on the string, however, the giant fairy let’s out an ear-screeching yelp, begins to sob uncontrolably and flies away in fear.

  Feeling somewhat confused by the reaction, but all the while triumphant, you walk back through the mysterious door and continue merrily along to the grocery store.

After filling your cart with everything from your list, you come to the realization that, at the same time you pulled forth the bow and arrow, your wallet dropped on the ground and you have no money to pay for the groceries.  You run back to the forest to  find the door and your wallet, but it has disappeared.

The hunger in your stomach churns, the dizziness in your head takes hold, and you fall to the forest floor.

The end.

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