As it turns out, giant evil fairies are a commonly misunderstood creature in the Valley of Nappa.  Accoring to the research, they’re not actually evil at all, that’s just an unfortnate part of their name.  Heck, they don’t even have a temper or underlying anger issues, though they do have rather poor eyesight.  They are peaceful creatures, who love the company of others and they possess the power to heal the emotional wounds of others, through a mixture of magic, compassion and understanding.

It also turns out that they love magical bananas, which are imporant for a fairy’s gut health, and if they go too long without eathing them, they can lose their eyesight…and they also provide them the power to fly.  No one quite knows why this is, it’s just they way it is.

You return to the forest to meet up with the fairy, who’s quite lovely, though today she is quite sad because her sister stole all of her magical bananas, and now she is having trouble seeing, can’t fly, and is generally very hungry.  Fortunately, there is a magical fruit stand nearby, but she has no money to buy anything.

You check your wallet and realize that the money brought along for groceries is just enough to purchase one bunch of magical bananas.

 To spend the grocery money on a magical bananas for the fairy, click here

To say goodbye to the fairy and continue on to the grocery store, click here

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