Upon hearing your story of sacrifice and good-faith; touched by your act of selflessness, and as a dear friend of the great fairy, the owner of the fruit stand decides to give you, not just one bunch of bananas, but enough fresh fruit and vegetables satiate the giant fairy and your entire family…for a month, for free!

In return, he is asking,  if you wouldn’t mind dropping off a super special, top-scret package to the kind folks at the ice cream factory along your way.  See, he works all alone in the store, and if he were to leave and deliver it himself, it would mean closing for a short while, and he’s waiting for a very important phone call to find out if he’s finally been awarded a grant to expand the store and hire more staff, supporting the local economy and workforce.

If you agree to drop off the package at the ice cream factory before going to visit the great fairy, click here

If you’d rather peak inside the super-special package, keeping it for yourself, and then take all of this delicious food home to your family, click here

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