You drop the package off safely at the ice cream factory,  and the owner is so grateful that she offers to share her lunch with you, which is hot dogs that have ketchup, mustard and relish all mixed together on them. 

You enjoy your lunch and a lovely conversation, followed by gestures and words of appreciation.  Making your way to the exit, you open up the door and 


You didn’t see that a very nice dragon with lollipops down its back riding a skateboard was zooming down the sidewalk, and the opening of the door knocks him onto the ground.  After recovering from the initial shock of what just happened, you ask the dragon if they are alright.   

“I think so, but my skateboard is completely broken, and I’m going to be late for my tuba lesson!  If only I could afford a taxi, I could get there on time”

  You look at your watch, and it’s getting late.  You check on the bananas, which are starting to turn.  You look at the money you still have for the groceries, and wonder what to do.

To offer to pay for a taxi for the dragon to get to their tuba lesson, click here

To tell them to be more careful and plan better next time, click here