As a lover of music, and embracing the wild adventure that today has brought upon you, you hail a (rather large) taxi, pass the money to the driver, and send the dragon on his way towards the music studio.

You stand on the strreet, watching as the car disapears into the horizon, your thoughts drifting away in awe of everything that has taken place today.

“Surely this is a dream” you say to yourself, before snapping back to the present with the realization that, dream or not, these bananas are starting to turn!  So, turn around and rush back into the forest to deliver the fairy her much anticipated sustenance.

The two of you sit and enjoy a snack, as you recount to her the unbeleivable nature of your adventure.  Appreciative and in recognition for all that you’ve done, for her and for others, the fairy grants you a wish.

The responsibility of a wish can feel heavy, but after a few moments of careful consideration and reflection on just what your wish should be, you reply.

To wish for a new skateboard for the dragon, click here

To wish for the fairy and her siblings to forever find peace in sharing their bananas, click here

To wish for a mountain of candy, click here

To wish for the owner of the fruitstand to be approved for a loan, click here