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It’s Maple Syrup Day!!!!

It may not come with fanfare, pomp and circumstance, but it is never the less...

A Dash of Truth

Look, be it in blog or insta-format, I share many wonderful and loving...

Adventure Awaits

I am not entirely sure what sparked it for me recently, but some conversation...

Embracing The Snow

Oh, Canada.  How I love you and your vast array of weather patterns.  From a...

Lessons From the Family, Part 4

Between our last check-in and this, the Beandricks' family has been up to...

Follow The Clues

Each week I sit down to write about something relevant in my life that brings...

The Sisters, Bean.

A quick tale of two sisters, who live in Elora, One is named Audrey, the...

Dinner (ideas) for Two

Today's entry was made possible through the words and encouragement of a...

The Quiet Journal

Not every day starts as a blank page.  In fact, most are quite the opposite:...

When Inspiration Strikes

At the end of a long day of work, dinner prep, board games, dancing, puppet...


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The Beginning of Something New

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