Drawing a Blank

Sep 25, 2022

After a rare night out in ‘The Big City’, I will admit that I haven’t had the time I normally would to write a thoughtful and in-depth post, so I am relying on you to stretch your imagination and help me fill in the blanks.   Regular programming will return next weekend, and I look forward to the adventures that come between now and then.  Thank you for your understanding and _____.

A Tale of Two _____

Once upon a time, in the faraway kingdom of _____ there lived a humble fellow by the name of _____.  On most days, he would travel to work at the local _____, then return happily back home to his loving family, including his wife _____, and two daughters _____ and _____.  His passions included playing ______, preparing _____, and _____.  All in all, he lived a very happy life and considered himself a _____ man.

Now, it wasn’t often that _____ and his wife, _____, had the opportunity to travel without kiddos close by their side, and so on the rare occasion that it happened, they did their best to _____ the moment to visit the places and do the things for which the young ones would otherwise cause a _____.   You know, the regular adulting stuff like _____ the floors, _____ the groceries, or _____ the laundry in peace.   This particular weekend, however, they were awarded the opportunity to travel to the faraway city of _____ and visit with friends who they hadn’t seen in quite some time.  It was destined to be a weekend full of _____ dining, _____, conversation, and _____ walking.  For as much as they would miss their two _____ daughters, it would be a most _____ weekend.

It must have been _____ since the two had travelled anywhere, because they were ______ at how _____ ing expensive things had become since their last venture out.  Not that they would ever mind dropping _____ dollars for a great meal and a unique experience, but that a _____ hotel room for one night cost as much as a _____, had them suddenly feeling _____ and _____; I mean,  when did they grow _____ and out of _____?  But this didn’t stop them or slow them down.  Nope: they welcomed their night of _____ and embraced the chance to feel _____ again.  It was going to be a _____ evening out!

It would be unfair to bore you with the minutiae of their big city escapades, so we will skip to the fantastical highlights they will remember most.  They got all dressed up and he looked ______, and she looked stunningly gorgeous and breath-taking, to no surprise. They made it to the pub by _____, celebrated and witnessed the most loving marriage of two amazing people,  had finished their dinner by _____, enjoyed a walk by the _____ with their friends, enjoyed a late night snack of _____, were back in their hotel room by _____, watched one episode of _____, during which they fell asleep by _____, and slept-in until _____.  In the life of two _____ -aged adults, such _____ does’t normally exist.  Also in the life of two _____ -aged adults, it seems that, no matter how _____ you go to sleep,  recovery time takes _____ times longer than it did when they were _____.

The day that followed their adventure, they stopped at _____ on their way home, spent the next _____ hours shopping for _____, and then returned home into the loving arms of their two _____ children.  It was 24-hours of _____, though nothing  could compare to the embrace of that moment when they reconnected at their home.  It’s _____ how we often desire nothing more than some time apart, perhaps only to realize that it’s the time together we cherish most.  I guess maybe that’s the whole point of it.  Still, as much as they have _____ their children, an adventure out is still _____ once in a while.

But enough about _____ and _____.  What adventure’s have you enjoyed lately?



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