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If you’re still stuck, highlight the box with your cursor to reveal the answer


The image in the background is your biggest clue.

Highlight here for the answer: using the word ‘score’ add up what the points would be worth in scrabble, which is 7.  Because it’s a star, it’s a  double word score, so double the points. Your answer is 14

hoop laid haunts seoul oh

It helps to say it out loud.

Highlight here for the answer: saying the words out loud sounds like “Who played Han Solo.”  Harrison Ford (or Alden Ehrenreich) is your answer


You best pack your passport and prepare for take-off

Highlight here for the answer: The letters represent airport destinations;if you draw a connecting line for all flights, the path becomes the shape of a star. Star is your answer

26.682010, -80.761730

Time to break out the map

Highlight here for the answer: These are longitude and latitude coordinates.  Enter them into Google maps, or similar program, and you will find youself in Bean City, this is your answer.


You should periodically keep track of your elements.

Highlight here for the answer: On the periodic table of elements these particular elements are repesented by the letters: W,O,Nd,Er.  WONDER is the answer.

somethings missing

grammar counts

Highlight here for the answer: there should be an apostrophe between the G and the S. The answer is:  apostrophe 

Q 1 5 2 4 Y U 3 O P

Top Row of Letters

Highlight here for the answer: Using the top row of letters on your keyboard, the numbers represent the order of the letters in that position, so ‘W’, which comes after ‘Q’ is the first letter.  Follow the sequence and your answer is: write


Start from A until you get to M

Highlight here for the answer: M is the 13th letter of the alphabet, then go forward 12 letters and you have Y, then back 6 and you have S, keep going to spell the word MYSTERIOUS


Dots and Dashes…

Highlight here for the answer: in Morse code, Dits represent dots and Dahs represent dashes.  Translate each series of dits and dahs to get letters spelling the word: secrets.

What Day is It?

It may not be today; you had better check a calendar.

Highlight here for the answer:  March 17, 2023 was a Friday.  friday is your answer.


What is shown in the background image?

Highlight here for the answer: when you play these notes on a piano, you get the song – happy birthday.  happybirthday is your answer

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