Looks in Books

Sep 11, 2022

Nora, of her own accord, picked up Fox in Socks the other day and began reading it aloud, from cover to cover.  For anyone who has read this Dr. Seuss masterpiece, you know that’s no easy task, even for the most avid of readers.

To say that I am proud on multiple levels is an understatement.  Also, though, this was bound to happen as a result…

Looks in books


Looks in nooks.
Books with hooks.

Looks in nooks for books with hooks.
Hooks in books from looks in nooks.

A page with words turns.
A page with blurbs turns.
A page with blurbs and words and verbs turn.

Look Miss, Look Miss, at these books, Miss.
Let’s read books with words and blurbs, Miss.
Let’s read books with blurbs and verbs, Miss.

First, I’ll read a great big word stack.
Then I’ll read a great big blurb stack.

You can read a great big word stack.
You can read a great big blurb stack.

And here’s a new book, take a look, Miss.
Words on front and words on back.
We track and stack words front to back.
Though back to front is quite a knack.

Mark books smart books at the book store.
Book-marks smartly mark what Mark is looking for.

Now we come to dots and spots, Miss.
Try read them from this page, Miss…

Some letters have a dot up top.
Some dots will makes the letters stop.
The job of dot, on top or stop,
Depends on where the dot is spot.
Chop or drop the last stop dot:
The plot won’t stop, no it will not.

Now here’s a brand new game to play.
A twisty, lispy phrase to say…

Who reads?
Drew reads.
Hugh reads.
Sue reads.

Who reads Hugh’s news?
Stu reads Hugh’s news.
Drew’s new view threw clues to Stu’s news.
Who knew Sues news drew through Drew’s news!?

What’s more I’ll tell you, sit right there, Miss.
There’s a world of words we can explore, Miss.

Who writes?
Moe writes.
Moe writes in rows.
Moe sows rows of prose he chose.

Who knows Moe’s prose?
Hugh knows Moe’s prose.
So our bro, Moe, knows whose prose?
Drew’s prose.

Drew writes prose in lots of books now.
Moe’s rows throw a lot of looks now.

Stu knows those pro’s sow slow prose rows,
But Joe’s slow rows sow prose on Rose, so:
Joe’s Rose prose knows those pro’s froze.

See, there are many different ways to write,
Just give your brain a jog.
Case in point, just take ol’ Bob:
He writes in a blog…

Bob likes to blog.
Bob has a dog.
The type of dog is sheep.
When dog feels blah he likes to sleep.

Dog has a Bob.
Dog reads his blog.
The sheep he knows say “bah”.
And he sometimes feels blah.

Bob has a dog.
Dog feels blah.
Sheep say bah.
Bob’s Dog likes his blog.
Dog’s Bob like his dog.
Dog’s Bob logs his bah bah blah blog.

Now, let’s take a moment to talk about book worms….

When bookworms write, they write pages worth a turn.
But when they hit a writers block the bookworms start to squirm.
Yes, They squirm and churn and yearn to learn a more affirming turn.
But it’s hard to make a bookworm turn while they are in a squirm.

Soo…they will ask the spelling bees.

Bees see worm’s needs.
Worms turn, bee’s ease.
Worms squirm, bee sees.
A bee sees.
A b c’s.

Now I think that that’s enough, Miss,
No more rhymes or nonsense, Miss.
But before we go there’s one last thing,
That ties this all up with a string:

When I’m talking of a book explorer,
And a story-tale adorer,
You are my biggest inspiration,
Miss Nora from Elora.



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