Kid One and Kid Two

Jun 18, 2023

Moved and in awe at both the similarities and difference of my two lovely young ladies, today seemed like a good day for some creative rhyming (inspired, of course, by one of my favourite of authors).

The Dad Who Is Glad

One glorious fine day,
with the Sun in the sky,
sat a man in a chair,
watch the world passing by.

He sat there and thought
of the words he should write,
but the phrases that came
they were not at all right.

So he said to himself:
“Come on brain, just think.
All I need you to do
is just

Then it finally came,
the most glorious thought!
And the thought that he caught
would not soon be forgot.

For the thing he knew most
of the things that he knew,
was the love that he has
for Kid One and Kid Two.

So much are they different,
and yet so much the same,
They’re uniquely unique,
as their first and last name.

Though Kid One and Kid Two
have great minds of their own,
(he’s excited to see
who they are when they’re grown!).

They share so many things,
and have so much to add:
they care for each other,
and that makes Dad most glad.

To speak of their talents
is a difficult task,
since both are so different
but I’ll try since you ask:

Where Kid One likes to craft,
and Kid Two likes to dance,
they both are expressive
and will sing at each chance.

Kid one is a climber
and an acrobat too.
An explorer at heart
describes Kid number Two.

They each love their games,
at least most of the time.
They both have such talent
and they both let it shine:

Like piano and art,
and becoming great cooks.
They love French and science,
and devouring books!

Kid One is a dreamer,
well I guess they both are.
And those dreams can be theirs,
they can reach for the stars.

These two wondrous children,
at age seven and six,
are just like their Dad:
always up to new tricks.

With their smirks and their grins
and their jokes and their puns,
when they’re all in one spot
there’s no shortage of fun.

With Dad they watch movies,
eating treats upon treats.
They explore through the woods,
with a song in their feets.

With Mom they adventure,
and they learn to take care
of their bodies and minds,
and to be self-aware.

From Dad they learn magic,
with their wide, beaming eyes;
though as they grow older,
to his tricks they grow wise.

From Mom they learn kindness,
and compassion and heart;
they’ll accomplish their goals,
all they need is to start.

From themselves they learn, too,
as each one discovers
very meaningful things:
like caring for others.

They inspire him now,
with the best yet to come.
As they grow and they grow,
into who they’ll become.

Though it’s hard to keep up
and to not miss a beat,
Since Kid One and Kid Two
Both have springs in their feet.

They’re jumpy and bouncy,
and they’re playful and fun.
Taking off to great heights,
they’re as bright as the Sun.

They may bicker and scrap
through some frustrating times,
but the love that they share
it is truly sublime.

On the day that they met,
forged a bond that won’t bend:
When Kid One walked right up,
and hugged her best friend.



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