The night before the week before the month before Christmas

Nov 20, 2022

‘Twas November 19th, when all through the house,
The only creature who’s stirring, was Alison’s spouse;
The stockings were packed in the basement somewhere,
At this point in the season, that just doesn’t seem fair!

See, father was eager for what lay ahead,
And he tossed and he turned around in his bed.
For Mamma, who’s patient with her fine, handsome chap,
Just gave the green light for decorations and wrap.

First thing in the morning, there arose such a clatter,
As rows of bright lights found their way up the ladder.
He tested each bulb just to make sure they’d flash,
The string’s tangled ’round him, like some colourful sash.

The weather was brisk, with a new-fallen snow,
A picturesque day, that made his heart glow.
Then, what to his wondering eyes should appear,
But his two little elves, full of merry and cheer.

Bundled up in their snowsuits, they rushed out so quick,
To help out their Pops, and prepare for St. Nick.
With the lights all strung up, it was time for a game,
So they each built a snowman, and gave each one a name;

There’s MOMMY! and DADDY!, and AUDREY! and NORA!
It was the whole Beandrick’s clan, made of snow from Elora!
Then those children, they’re sneaky, despite being small,
They ambushed their Dad, with a giant snow ball!

For hours they frolicked and enjoyed the outside,
Until a blistering blizzard filled up the whole sky,
So back in the household that family, they flew,
Not just the little ones, but the big kiddos too.

Through the cold and the damp, they kicked off their boots,
And quickly got out of their soaking snowsuits.
Then they warmed by the fire, that they all sat around,
Sipping hot chocolate, to a carolling sound.

Now with joy in his heart and the season afoot,
Dad could focus on inside, and which decorations to put.
Seven totes full of trinkets and fancy knick-knacks,
Including a train set, complete with some tracks!

His eyes — how they twinkled! His glee couldn’t bury!
His respect for the patience of the girl he did marry.
The smile on his face, ear to ear all aglow,
And the ‘feels’ in his heart were as light as the snow;

The next thing to come, well it filled him with glee,
As they were moments away from getting a tree;
His excitement was fluttering all in his belly,
That shook him with wonder, his knees were like jelly.

He stacked holiday books one by one on the shelf,
Then got straight to baking, quite proud of himself;
He made cookies, and squares, and some fresh gingerbread,
While wearing a jingle bell on top of his head;

He spoke not a word, but you could tell by his smirk,
This was just the beginning of his holiday work,
For those that surround him, everyone knows,
He loves Christmas so much, from his head to his toes;

With a season upon us, so playful and wishful
He had a spring in his step, and would constantly whistle:
“It’s not too early at all, no the timing’s just right,


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