The Sisters, Bean.

Feb 12, 2023

A quick tale of two sisters, who live in Elora,
One is named Audrey, the oldest, is Nora.
Though each comes complete with their own distinct traits,
When combined there’s no telling just what they’ll create.

Like snow forts, and stories, and games with no rules,
For they know that their mind is the greatest of tools.
When playing and singing, and designing new things,
Like a hat that plays music, or a postcard with wings.

They speak their ideas, quite rightly with pride,
And I do all I can to allow and provide
A safe place to plant them, so that they can grow,
Into future inventions for the world to know.

Why, only this evening, while brushing her teeth,
Audrey shared thoughts she had brewing beneath.
“What’s on your mind, dear?” I asked with a wink.
“I have something to say, Dad. So, what do you think:

If I made some new pants where the front is behind
Then they won’t be so tight when I walk in rewind?”
“Why, I love that idea, that’s one thing for sure,
Because it came from your brain, and that’s lovely and pure.”

And Nora’s the same with the things she dreams up,
Like her newest invention: a cup in a cup.
“With a cup in a cup, I don’t have to decide;
When I’m finished one drink, there’s another inside!”

But what brings me most joy aren’t the ‘things’ they invent,
It’s the actions they take with the purest intent.
They’re in love with the world that they play in each day,
And they’re making decisions to keep it that way.

Like just two days ago, while out for ski,
We were up on the chairlift, when what did we see?
“There’s garbage!” yelled Nora, while pointing below,
“Someone just dumped it, right there in the snow!”

Then on our descent, she led us off course,
In a direction she normally wouldn’t endorse.
She sped off to the wrappers, and an old crushed-up tin,
Which she stuffed in her pocket, to then throw in the bin.

Then we skied our way down the rest of the slope,
And all I could think was “This girl gives me hope”.
For I know that I would not have done what she did,
I’m so proud and in awe at this wonderful kid.

But the best part of all was the answer she gave,
When I asked why she chose to veer-off and be brave:
“What were your motives to stop on the hill?”

“If we don’t lead by example then, Daddy, who will?”

They surprise me each day at the depth of their thoughts,
As they work through a challenge, connecting the dots.
Their answers are always quite rightly delightful,
Inspired, ingenious, impressive, insightful.

Sometimes when I see them stare off into space,
I might ask what they’re thinking, and they answer with grace:
“I’m just lost in my thoughts, it’s a great place to be
The most comfortable place that’s designed just for me.”

Yes sometimes their plans can be silly and wild,
But that’s kind of the point of being a child.
When your mind can dream up the most magical gifts,
And ‘Impossible’ is not yet a word that exists.


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