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Enigma I

Welcome to Enigma 1: another creative section of Phil Bean’s brain on full display.

Inspired by the puzzles, riddles and trickery that I love so much, Enigma 1 will function as a creative output separate from my regular blog entires, though it will not function as a replacement.  I will aim to post weekly, and I hope you have some fun playing along, as I try to develop cruel ways to challenge your mind and lateral thinking.    The questions will not be connected or related to anything specific, nor will they follow and particular theme, and the concept is simple: if you think you know the answer to the riddle, simply type in the answer to see if you’re right.

No sense in hesitating, let’s get started:

Click Here


  1. All answers are either lowercase letters or a series of numbers, no special characters required
  2. You will not use the spacebar when entering your answers
  3. If your answer is correct, you will be provided a link to progress to the next challenge
  4. Feel free to use the internet, cellular devices, and any other tools at your disposal
  5. This experience will work best on a laptop or desktop device
  6. If you’re stuck, there are hints and answers in the link below. However you want to play in order to have fun, is A-OK with me!


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