Train the brain part two

Aug 14, 2022

Here I go once more with a test for my brain and a push on what I know and what words that I can use, as I try to think out of the box to grow and hone my craft.  This time, though, my ‘trick’, as it were, will not be as slick as the last post, where I left out a key part of our A, B, C’s.  This time I will push my use of words and prose in a new way, and I am keen to see if I can do it.  As well in this post, in a change from the last time I did this,  I will try to be sure that there is a bit more tale to tell, and not just a rant to get to the goal.  I hope you will still find joy or cheer in what I have to say.  So, here we go:

While I was in in search of a theme for this task and came up blank, I went to the best source I could think of to guide me: the girls.  Of course, it should not have come as a shock to me that they chose the thing that means the most to them, or any child of their age: ice cream.  “Make your post on the theme of ice cream and how much we like it.”  That did seem like a good theme to me, since it is one of the things that make this time of year so darn great.


So, now, how does one go on to write on such a theme as ice cream in the first place?  I mean: where is the best place to start when it comes to this most-loved, hot-day treat?  One can not just start off with the age old trial of which taste is best (and you know of which two tastes I speak of), no, there is much more to speak on than that. There is a whole world of Who? What? Where? When? How? And Why? So let’s start at the start.

Who: Well….

I would eat my ice cream with a mouse, I would eat my ice cream with my spouse.
I would eat my ice cream with a friend, like Phil and Liz and Bill and Jen.
I would eat my ice cream with my Pop, who likes to put some sauce on top.
I would eat my ice cream on my own, and when I do it’s in a cone.
I would eat my ice cream with my girls, now that’s the best thing in the world.

What: With lots to choose from in terms of taste and style, the source of ice cream dates back to a time long, long, long, long, long ago, like – 618AD! (You can look that up if you want a good read.)  Back then they still knew that, while by no means good for you, the blend of eggs, milk, cream, salt and sweet is no less a great thing that can bring joy to one’s life.

Where: We have more than one choice of ice cream shop in our town.  One could say that we have too much in terms of choice.  It seems that each year a new place pops up where an old one shut down.  Such is the way with most foods joints, I guess.  In any case, there are a lot to choose from: from soft serve to fresh made, but, by far, the best one by my rank is Scoops on Mill Street.  They make their own with all things fresh and “in the now” as far as time of the year goes.  They do cost a bit more, but as with most things: you get what you pay for.  Check them out for sure.

When: While you can and should eat ice cream all year round, it is at its best when Spring ends and Fall has yet to start.  That time when there are a just few short months of hot, hot sun and long, long days; and the best way to ease those things is by far, with a cool, cool treat.

How: Oh boy, this one is hard.  I mean, how you choose to eat your ice cream can tell a great deal on who you are in life.  Do you use a cone? A cup? A bowl? Or do you eat it right out of the tub? I don’t know that there is a right choice, per se, but I do know that any food where I can eat what it was served in as well, has my vote.

Why: um….Ice cream,

So, there you have it.  Some of my thoughts on ice cream, as asked for by my girls.  I am not sure how much you could learn from this post, but I did it just the same.  And, as I read back through each part, I do think I kept up with my goal at the same time!  And now, I guess, I can share that goal with you.

The thought to do this came to me when I saw a game in the toy store, where the rules state that, on each turn you draw a card with a word on it.  Your goal is to get the group around you to guess your word in time, which is not new, but there is a twist to it that made me think to try and stretch my mind and write this whole post.  The twist is, which I have kept up to now: as the one with the card, you may not use any words that have more than one syllable, just like the all of the words (but one) in this post.

So there you have it.  Though it may not have been as ‘grand’ as my last try at a post like this (for more on that click here), I did hit my goal of more than a grand on word count, and it was still a neat test for my brain.  Thank you for the time out of your day, now, go eat some ice cream!



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