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Feb 19, 2023

Each week I sit down to write about something relevant in my life that brings me joy and satisfaction.  Sometimes, I’ll admit, it’s easier to find inspiration that others; which is not to say I have a hard time finding joy, but rather the process of writing can at times pose a healthy challenge.  I try my best to keep things interesting and creative, both for me and, hopefully, for you.  Well, this week I was struck with a different idea and a new approach in which I wanted to try something outside the box, not just in format but in experience.

By now you know that I enjoy puzzles; not in reference to the snap-together jigsaw type (though those are great too), but I mean puzzles that challenge the mind. Thinking through a puzzle laterally is like a workout for me;  as challenging and sometimes frustrating as the experience might be, the process pushes my abilities beyond their perceived limits, and I grow as a result.  And I don’t just enjoy solving puzzles, but as anyone who knows me would attest: I very much enjoy creating them as well; be it riddle-infused games, or little ‘escape room’ experiences.  It’s a fun and engaging experience for my brain and it very much fills my cup.  So, a couple of days ago inspiration struck and I thought: “why not combine two things I enjoy, writing and riddles,  and try my hand at creating something different?”  This is the result.

Full transparency: I’m not a programmer, nor am I a graphic designer; but why should that stop me from trying something creative and new?  That is, after all, the message I deliver to my kids each and every day.

So, if you’re in for something different today, have a bit of time to kill, and feel prepared for a little mental exercise, then click the link below and give it a shot.  I will be upfront with you that that some of what I’m presenting may be frustrating for some, and the solutions will not always be obvious…but that’s kind of the point.

Before you begin ,the rules are simple, and will be posted at the bottom of each page as a reminder:

  1. All answers are either lowercase letters or a series of numbers, no special characters required
  2. You will not use the spacebar when entering your answers
  3. If your answer is correct, you will be provided a link to progress to the next challenge
  4. Feel free to use the internet, cellular devices, and any other tools at your disposal
  5. This experience will work best on a laptop or desktop device
  6. If you’re stuck, there are hints and answers in the link at the bottom of the page. However you want to play in order to have fun, is A-OK with me!

I hope you have fun.

Click here to begin


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