Oh, The First Day of School!

Sep 3, 2023

It’s the first day of school!
And you’re off on your way,
To discover great things,
In a new sort of way.

It will be scary at first,
As you hop on the bus.
But soon you’ll forget,
All the worry and fuss.
It’s hard to believe, that in grades one and grade three,
How much you’ve both grown – almost taller than me!

This year is a first, as you’re in different schools,
With new faces, new teachers, new kids and new rules.
Though the doubt that presents seems a mountain to climb,
The courage you show let’s me know you’ll be fine.

You may not have the greatest of times right away,
That’s ok though because things are just underway!

It’s the first day of many – a brand new adventure,
Where fear may take hold, sometimes front and centre.
It’s ok to be scared, it is how we grow brave,
Take one step at a time, on this new path you pave.
For you are not alone, just look left or look right,
Where you’ll see someone else, who has the same fright.
Then offer them words, which will make anyone glad:
“You should read this cool poem, that I got from my Dad.”

For parents this day is a tough one as well,
As great big emotions bubble and swell.
It can be hard on the Dads,
And hard on the Moms,
And hard on whichever shape your family comes.

But as tough as it is to watch their kids leave,
There’s one thing that gives them a massive reprieve.
While the children may shout, and they’ll cry, kick and scream,
We are silently happy the house will stay clean!

Joking aside (though you’re Dad is quite funny),
Here’s to hoping day-one, is all bright, warm and sunny.
I can’t wait to hear all of the things that you’ve done,
And to think that the school year has only begun!

The first day is hardest, that can’t be denied,
But there are other words too, for how it’s described:
Like exciting and thrilling, it’s day number one!
It’s lively, dramatic, and most of all: fun!

As the new day unfolds,
and you find your routine
The best things start to happen
And your mind starts to dream.

How you’ll learn and you’ll grow,
there’s a limitless pool,
Of good things for your brain-
Your most powerful tool!

Oh, the first day of school!

You’ll run in the gym.
You’ll ride swings and play games.
You’ll make crafts from ideas,
You’ll learn lots of new names.

Though you may not be tallest, or the fastest of feet,
That’s what makes the school yard so wonderfully neat.
There are so many people you’re soon going to meet,
So many new faces, uniquely unique.

Most will be friendly,
Except when they’re not.
Because sometimes that happens,
When tempers get hot.

And I hate to admit it, but sadly it’s true
(Though don’t let my words stop you being YOU)
There are some kids you’ll like,
And there’s some kids you won’t.
Then some like you back,
While some others don’t.

It will make you feel sad,
And that feeling’s ok.
Ignoring that feeling,
Won’t send it away.

Just remember that you being you is what’s best,
And to those who don’t like it, please kindly suggest:
“It’s okay that I’m not the new friend that you choose,
Or if you don’t like me, because, well, I DO!”

And if somebody says you’re not ready to learn,
That you can’t, you’re unable, then say in return:

“Excuse me, but there is a word you forget:
You said I can’t do it, but you didn’t say ‘YET’.”

Deep down you know all the things you possess,
And all of the greatness your mind can express.
You wonder, you question, explore and create
And all this before you have even turned eight!

So ignore the nay-sayers if they shoot down your thoughts,
And instead try to teach them what others have not:
That ideas and questions should never be drowned,
Why, without them inventions would never be found!

And then there are those you will get to know well,
And you’ll trust them with all of the secrets you’ll tell.
And the laughs that you share will echo abound.
And they’ll help you get up when you fall to the ground.
And they’ll love you despite the mistakes that you make.
And when you’re together, there’s no need to be fake.
And once in a while, you might argue and shout.
And then you’ll forget what the fight was about.
And the “And’s” I could write make a list that won’t end.
And that fact is what makes this person your friend.

Now this is just the first day,
And these things will take time.
Don’t rush it, enjoy it, have fun on the ride!

The day will turn into a week, then a month,
Then the leaves start to turn, and fall all at once!
Soon it is Winter, then Christmas is here,
Now a New Year’s upon us, with explosions and cheer!
Then on through the Spring, when the fist flowers show,
And it’s suddenly Summer, where did the year go?!

The point of this rambling ranting, you see,
Is the first day of school is just one in a sea,
Of so many days, that pass us so fast,
So enjoy while you can, and make each moment last.

Oh, the first day of school!

Now get off on your way, the adventure is yours,
And spend the next year, kicking open new doors.
(Not literally, though, that could cost quite a lot,
And we’re saving for College, so I prefer that you not).
But still – don’t hold back, go after your dreams,
We’re so proud of you both, our two little Beans.


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